• Vital true wireless bluetooth headphones that complements a full active lifestyle. Take these wireless earbuds to the gym, beach, or take it for a hike and feel the freedom of not having annoying wires dangle.
  • Adam Frater sporting our Vital wireless earbuds during his workout at Venice Beach.
  • Vital true wireless earbuds that complements a full active lifestyle. Take these bluetooth earbuds to listen to audiobooks or podcast. These are compatible with Apple Iphones 7 and Iphone 7 Plus and Android phones.
  • Wireless earbuds are perfect for a skate session. Whether your are dropping in a bowl or just cruising, it is necessary to have wireless earbuds to keep you light and free.
  • True wireless headphones allow you to move freely through this hectic world. True wireless earbuds will make any adventure pleasant and memorable. Just you, music, and mother nature.
  • Vital true wireless earbuds that complements a workout at the gym or a jog through the city.  These are definitely the best wireless gym headphones and the most affordable wireless workout headphones. These are compatible with Apple Iphones 7 and Iphone 7


With Vital wireless earbuds, you are in for a musical ride of your life.

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Clear, Crisp, Clean Sound Anywhere

Clear, Crisp, Clean Sound Anywhere

No wires, no tangles, and no strings attached. Be with nature and your own sound track.

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Use Vital to cancel out the loud sounds of the city and listen to only what keeps you moving. Get one today!

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Vital wireless earbuds will deliver you the best music experience you’ve ever had. Take Vital wherever you need your jams.


Why Vital?

  • Sweat-Resistant

    Protection from sweat for your intense workouts.

  • No Wires!

    Know the freedom to listening to your favorite tunes without annoying wires. No skipping in and out! Solid Connection.

  • Ergonomically Designed

    Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your ear. Easy to connect.

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

    We got your back.

  • Long Lasting Battery Life

    Enjoy for up to 3 hours of playtime and additional 8 hours with recharging dock.

  • Noise Isolation

    Minimal outside noise. A noise isolation feature can cancel any background or environmental noise and let you focus only on the music

  • Most Affordable

    Unlike other similar earbuds in the market, Vital earbuds will not cost you an arm and a leg and yet, will deliver the same level of performance.

  • Wireless Charging Dock

    When your earbuds runs out of battery, the ever ready wireless recharging dock is always available at your disposal to fully charge earbuds in 30 minutes.


This Vital true wireless earbud package is the brainchild of innovative engineers and passionate music lovers from Orange County, California. The team of like-minded millennials envisioned incorporating innovation and affordability to products that should be available to everyone. The designing process was quite lengthy and required elaborate and precise knowledge of how earbuds function, technologies they incorporate, and the requirement that they must fulfill. The idea was to come up with a music listening solution that could become the best earbud on the market.  It took plenty of hard work and long hours just to think about a design that could redefine portability. Our team of designers had to consider other aspects of sound quality, battery life, ergonomics , weight, and design. Suffice to say that the resulting earbud may well become the best music listening device on the market and the most affordable. The purpose was to ensure that the earbud will cater to all the needs of its user. All in all, Vital earbuds are designed as versatile earbuds that will cover most needs of today’s music enthusiasts.  Your satisfaction is our priority.


How long does the battery last?

Vital earbuds last 2-3 hours per full charge. How loud you play your music will also determine life of your Vital wireless earbuds' charge. You also have the option to use your Vital wireless earbuds individually and that will last about 2-3 hours each depending on volume of music is played.

How many charges will the charging dock charge?

The charging dock, when fully charged, can fully charge the earbuds at least 4 times.

What is the standby time for the Vital earbuds?

The standby time for the Vital earbuds is 40 hours.

Why does it say lasts up to 2 hours?

We listen to music and our audiobooks at all different volumes. We find that most often the preferred volume is medium to medium high making it last 2 hours. Although Vital wireless earbuds can get pretty loud, we do not recommend listening to your audio on max volume as it can damage your ears.

Can you use these for biking?

When wearing the earbuds, outside noise is greatly reduced. For your safety, we recommend using only one earbud when bicycling so that you can still be aware of your surrounding.